The Design Review Committee will be looking for flag designs that represent Utah's identity and common values. A winning design should be factually accurate, inclusive, and demonstrate good flag design principles.

Flag Design Submission Criteria

  • Be simple: A child should be able to draw it from memory.
  • Use meaningful symbolism. Images and colors should relate to what they symbolize.
  • Use two or three basic colors.
  • Avoid lettering or seals.
  • Be distinctive: Utah's state flag should stand out from others.


    Cave paintings

    People placing plastic bottles in bags
    A birds eye view of a colorful farm

    Submission Rules

    • Designs should be submitted on 3- by 5-inch paper or digital format in 3- by 5-inch proportions.
      Applicants agree that alterations or revisions can be made by the Design Review Committee (applicants will be consulted).
    • Submittals should include the submitter’s name, age (if under 18), contact info, and their connection to Utah. (Review committee will not see this information when judging the submittals.
      Applicants may submit up to three designs. (No more than three designs will be accepted from one applicant.)
    • Applicants agree to release all rights to the design if the full design or any component of it is adopted as the state flag.

    Other Considerations

    • Avoid graduated colors (which can be difficult to print).
    • The best designs can be drawn in a 1- by 1-1/2-inch rectangle (imagine the flag as a shoulder patch).
    • Designs that can be made in various proportions (2- by 3-inch; 3- by 5-inch) succeed better.
    • Avoid placing dark colors next to dark colors, and light colors next to light colors.
    • Consider how the design will look when the flag hangs loose and in a strong wind.
    • Consider how easy the flag design would be to sew.