Sun setting on a desert landscape where a young Navajo woman is learning to weave blankets

The More Than A Flag Project is an ambitious effort with many individuals of diverse skill sets. It is planned and managed by the Utah Department of Cultural & Community Engagement with consultants Wilkinson Ferrari Co.

Utah Department of Cultural & Community Engagement

The Department of Cultural & Community Engagement has a holistic understanding of the impacts of culture, service, and diversity on our state. With these insights, we cultivate the state’s civic engagement and boost local economies through the lens of art, and humanities.

Jill Remington Love

Katherine Potter

David Wicai

Ellen Weist

Sarina Villareal Ehrgott

Marjorie Moore

Hannah Stewart

Sam Walker

Tyler Vongthongchit

Wilkinson Ferrari Co.

We are master bridge builders. Common-ground finders. Reputation therapists. Crisis resolvers. Careful listeners. Non-stop observers. Deep thinkers. Effective storytellers. Anything but the typical public relations firm.

Lindsey Ferrari

Hilary Roberston

Renee Leta