From 7,000 designs and ideas submitted by Utahns from across the state.

Inspired by Utah's history

To 20 semi-final designs that generated more than 44,000 survey responses.

Now, one flag to represent Utah's shared identity, our history, and our geography. A modern companion flag drawn from the images on the state's traditional flag.
Utah Arches

Native American art

The Utah State Flag Task Force voted on November 10 to send a new flag design to the Utah Legislature for consideration.

Here’s what the symbols on the proposed flag represent:

  • Blue for knowledge, freedom, and tradition, as well as Utah's natural lakes and dark skies.
  • A band of rugged white suggests Utahns’ idea of home, and evoke the mountains that called to, and cradled, generations of our ancestors and Utah's tribal nations.
  • A gold hexagon for prosperity and industry, our state's slogan, and our desert landscapes.
  • A beehive for prosperity and our identity as the Beehive State.
  • A five-pointed star which represents the foundation of our state and statehood.
  • A red rock valley represents Southern Utah’s majestic landscapes.

View the More Than A Flag presentation, led by Utah Sen. Dan McCay, at the Economic Development and Workforce Services Interim Committee on Nov. 16, 2022. The presentation begins about 1 hour and 20 minutes into the session.

Wasatch mountains with a blanket of snow